Cubatic Solar Pvt Ltd

Solar energy is the future!

Cubatic solar solutions offer sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solar solutions to empower your energy needs. We are aimed to provide reliable energy sources at affordable cost structure. It was predicted that energy will be replacing the other sources in future. We have a technical team who has strong experience in the field of solar and able to discover latest technologies and innovative quality products. We follow different strategies in which include below components:

  • Data collection
  • System Analysis
  • Feasibility Study
  • Shadow Analysis
  • Customized Design
  • Implementation Plan
  • Continuous Evaluation

We follow unique approaches in design and installation of solar plants to generate electricity at competitive costs with more quality. Our mission is to provide commercial solar solutions at affordable costs at optimal values. Our solar solutions are adopted to save your money and ensure returns on your investment. Cubatic Group offers wide range of solar solutions for your home or company on diverse needs.

Now, solar power solutions are affordable to all. Because the cost of solar power was dropped by 50% and this makes an attractive destination for many customers. Our solar energy solutions are designed for commercial and residential purposes unmatched with industry. Our solar solutions are designed to provide energy efficient solutions for small and medium businesses and residential purposes. Our solar solutions are cost effective and featured with below:

  • Flexible and Self Effacing
  • It is very clear and uses little water
  • Dependable energy resource
  • Very cost effective

Current Projects

1. Procured & Supplied 150 kW Roof Top Installation for a software company (RSS soft)

2. Procured & Delivered solar pumps of about 5kW to various clients

3. Procured & Supplied modules to a tune of 5mW to various prospective clients

4. Also planning to do EPC contracts for upto 10-20mW with various clients

Coming Soon!

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